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Moonbounce is enpowering blockchains with node services and institutional grade data retrieval for smart contracts and DAOs

Blockchain Data Solutions

We provide secure and reliable data delivery for smart contracts and DAOs, smart contract development and PoS block validation with institutional and individual staking.

Chainlink Oracle

Our Alpha Node is an institutional grade Oracle providing secure data retreival for smart contracts and DAO's utilizing the Chainlink Network that connects valuable web based datasets, payment systems and APIs to Ethereum.

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Block Validation and Staking

Our multi-chain PoS Validator Nodepool verifies transactions and pushes validated blocks to Ethereum, provides liquidity to crypto assets and creates passive income opportunities for institutional and individual token holders through staking.

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Smart Contract Development

Smart contract creation as a turnkey business solution. We create custom event driven smart contracts that execute and settle transactions based upon your business rules, unlocking new fully autonomus data sourced revenue streams.

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Secure + Reliable + Scalable

Moonbounce nodes provide computational resources, liquidity and scalability for industry leading protocols and networks with proven reliablity and flawless uptime.

  • Verifiable Reputation
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • High Frequency Workload Capable
  • Institutional Staking Repository

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