Moonbounce Node Services

Our nodes provide built to spec computational resources, liquidity and scalability for PoS blockchains and execute workloads with verifiable reliability utilizing industry leading hardware and security tech.

Secure + Reliable + Scalable

Built to spec node solutions for long term or short term data retrieval projects, block validation/production and institutional and individual staking.

Whether your project requires a single micro spec instance or multi-instance/multi-tiered nodepools we can collaborate and deploy a purpose built solution per your specification.

Custom Specifications

Confidential Computing

Geo Redundant

High Bandwidth

Ethereum Client


Verifiable Transparency


Providing Testnet and Mainnet node services for:

Client 4 Client 2 Client 3 Client 5

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We provide data processing and infrastructure resources that allow you to focus on application development and business expansion.

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